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I was almost in tears today. After reading some few comments on my previous posts on this blog. The truth is I abandoned this blog because I was discouraged. I didn’t post anything for over two months. I didn’t even want to check my dashboard until today when I just stumbled over my blog. Think of it: stumbling over my own blog like an obstacle! I felt like my dream for this blog was not working; that I was just wasting my time. In fact, the past months have been like a grind for me. Discouraged, sometimes depressed. Like I would never make it. But the few comments I saw today have really given me a boost. I want to thank those who took time to comment on my post and to encourage me. You don’t know what you have done for me. Thank you, thank you.

I have a passion. My passion is for knowledge that improves the quality of human lives. I want to live a better life. I know you want to too. I created this blog for the purpose of posting contents that will bless lives. But I need audience, visitors, followers, etc-which is what I am not getting currently. Please if you have any suggestion as to how to move this blog forward, I’d appreciate it.

With the little boost I have received today, I think you will see a lot of me on this blog from now.

God bless.

P.S: I have two questions to ask:

  1. If there is a book you will like to read, what subject/topic will it be on? I am hoping to write a small book that will help my readers.
  2. If there is a post you want on this blog, what will it be?

Thanks for the feedback. Please, don’t forget to subscribe!