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They say life is full of trouble

Weakness and fear make it double

Many downs that will make you sad

Even if you have not done bad


Folks tell me not to expect much

Heaven here we cannot find such

Wait till death comes or the flight

Up there, all things will be made right


Much as I try, my heart won’t yield

Despite reasons my heart still lead

This matter I hold in my grip

Until man’s reasoning I strip



Look! Much pain we manufacture

Then we return to want pasture

Many scars on hearts humans create

On those who have longed to be great


I will pray still for heaven here

All forgetting my foolish fear

Man with God, the Holy Writ says

On earth may possess heaven’s days


(Peter Aruwa)


-Everything in the Universe has a purpose. You have a purpose too.

-Your purpose is the same as your assignment. They are interchangeable. It is your mission on earth.

-Why on earth I am here for? It is your responsibility to discover your purpose in life.

-There is a problem you are meant to solve. That problem is your assignment, your purpose. In his book, The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life, Mike Murdock says “You are a walking solution.”

-What you are passionate about is a clue to your assignment-both what you love (and want to do) and what you hate (and want to change).

-You will need to prepare and train to fulfill your purpose on earth. Doctors spend years in training to treat diseases.

-Your daily life should be ordered around your purpose if you must accomplishment. Purpose requires investment of time and energy.

-Take alone and discover your purpose today!


I was almost in tears today. After reading some few comments on my previous posts on this blog. The truth is I abandoned this blog because I was discouraged. I didn’t post anything for over two months. I didn’t even want to check my dashboard until today when I just stumbled over my blog. Think of it: stumbling over my own blog like an obstacle! I felt like my dream for this blog was not working; that I was just wasting my time. In fact, the past months have been like a grind for me. Discouraged, sometimes depressed. Like I would never make it. But the few comments I saw today have really given me a boost. I want to thank those who took time to comment on my post and to encourage me. You don’t know what you have done for me. Thank you, thank you.

I have a passion. My passion is for knowledge that improves the quality of human lives. I want to live a better life. I know you want to too. I created this blog for the purpose of posting contents that will bless lives. But I need audience, visitors, followers, etc-which is what I am not getting currently. Please if you have any suggestion as to how to move this blog forward, I’d appreciate it.

With the little boost I have received today, I think you will see a lot of me on this blog from now.

God bless.

P.S: I have two questions to ask:

  1. If there is a book you will like to read, what subject/topic will it be on? I am hoping to write a small book that will help my readers.
  2. If there is a post you want on this blog, what will it be?

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