I believe you have dreams. Everyone has dreams. Because we are designed to dream. Like I have read somewhere, dream is cheap. Everyone is free to dream because it is free. But what distinguishes a serious, successful person from a mere dreamer is the willingness to take steps, that is, incremental steps towards achieving what dreams he has in mind. As humans we want to grow. We want to believe that we are capable of greater things than we have seen ourselves do, that there is more to us that we realize. We truly want to believe that. And it is not far-fetched. Because? It’s true. We all have capacity for great things. We are capable of more than we realize. But to realize what we are capable of, we not only have to dream, we need a very important ingredient: G-O-A-L-S! Goals. It is one thing that separate the overachiever from the underachiever. The underachiever is content with mere flights of fancy; the overachiever maps out his way to bring into concrete reality his flights of fancy. A goal is simply a plan of action to reach your dream. It is, put another way, your strategy. Your dream needs a strategy. Like Rick Pitino wrote in his book, Success Is A Choice, dreams are where we want to end up. Goals are how we get there.

It is always tempting (at least, I know from personal experience) to dream and set out bringing it to reality without mapping out a plan of action. But what military general doesn’t map out a plan of attack to win a battle? We think it is too cumbersome taking time to plan and set goals. We’d rather want to get on with it; to begin work immediately. We think time spent planning and setting goals is time wasted. But only when we begin to hit obstacles that we could have navigated around, do we begin to know that something is not right. Something is not right. But it might not be with your dream itself but with your approach. Like someone said, “time spent planning is not wasted time.” You have probably made some New Year resolutions at the beginning of this year like most do. That’s good. But have you thought about the necessary steps to achieve your resolutions, your dreams, at the end of the year 2018? If your dreams means anything to you, you must establish plan of actions that involves what you must do DAILY to reach your dreams. Your long-term success will depend on your daily routine. John C. Maxwell wrote, in his book, Put Your Dream To The Test, “The secret to your success is found in your daily agenda.” Your daily successes link up together to make your dreams come true. So figure out how to make everyday count. Eliminate the irrelevancies that will not contribute to the achievement of your dreams. Stay focused on the steps to your dreams.

Here are some facts to note about goals:

  1. Goals helps us to be disciplined. They establish priorities and makes us organized.
  2. Break down your dreams into as many components as possible.
  3. Write down the steps needed to achieve each component. Writing down goals helps us to face reality. Goals should be written down and followed.
  4. Setting and attaining short-term goals will fuel the desire for more achievement. So it is best to set short-term goals for what we want to achieve long-term. The evidence of little successes will bolster our confidence and motivation.
  5. Establish a daily routine to achieve your dreams. Consistency is more important than intermittent bursts of activity.
  6. When you have achieved a goal, raise the bar a little higher each time. After all, you are not interested in what you can already do, but in what more you can do. The goal is be a little better each time.
  7. Celebrate small successes. You are improving and that’s worth celebrating. Reward yourself but don’t indulge yourself. You are to celebrate success, leave it behind and go create another.

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